About Us

Tangled Radio is a non-profit community radio station set up by award-winning care leaver Michael Morris.

Our Mission Statement: Working together for children and young people in and leaving care. We believe that through creativity and working WITH young people, we can improve both their service and other services and improve the care system in the United Kingdom. We don’t need a whole review of the whole care system. We need to go to every local authority and find out what they are doing, and what isn’t working. We will find this out from BOTH professionals and young people. The next question; Why?

Having watched and seen several major care leavers in action, and seeing them taking the world by storm and hearing their issues and seeing what they were campaigning for, and after my own experiences I decided. Now is the time. Now I put my experiences into action. I have watched Louise Wallwein, Lemn Sissay, Sophie Willian and so many more care leavers and now is the time that we stand and change things so that others that follow don’t have to go through what we went through. Inspiring; all the care leavers mentioned are inspiring and I hope that I can be too.” – Michael, Tangled Radio Founder and CEO

The station is built on the following values:

  • Creativity; This is our most important value. You might not realise it, but you are more than likely creative and all of the personnel at Tangled Radio have some form of Creativity.
  • Respect; Young People in Care often struggle with respect. They have had to survive and manufacture their own path, therefore respecting an adult can be incredibly difficult, which is why we believe in earning respect. Even if someone is being disrespectful, spread your joy, be a better person, and show them respect. Everyone should get Respect.
  • Empowering; We look at movements. We look at people. We see what is wrong, and we try to help and empower people and our staff need to be able to empower themselves as well as others. Everyone should try and be Empowering.
  • Accountability; Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between a lot of people is, some look for someone to blame, some try to forget it whereas others will review. Some people will hold their hands up and say: “Yes, I messed up, but what can we do about it?”. This is a common problem in society, everyone gets’s emotional and annoyed at mistakes but just own up and move on, that is Accountability.
  • Teamwork; To make this company a success we need to work as a team. As much as we have individual roles, such as CEO and Manager, we value feedback and input from everywhere: listeners, social media followers, radio presenters etc. Work with us, not against us, and ensure we have amazing skills in Teamwork.
  • Integrity; We need to have integrity. For the station to become a success and actually help people, we need to be an acting role model to young people across the globe and the best way to be is honest. Integrity really is doing the right thing, even when nobody is around so we all need to have some Integrity.
  • Victorious; We aim to be victorious. We will strive and expand into areas and focus on that area and we really will be victorious. If we are victorious, then the young people we support will be Victorious.
  • Involved; To be successful, we all need to be involved. If we all get involved, we will get the best results and we will all do equal hard work. This also relates to Diversity. No matter where you are from, who you are, as long as you can match us, or are willing to work to improve, then you will 100 percent be included, no matter what your background. We make sure that everyone else feels Involved.
  • Thankful; Both Tangled Radio and those around us need to be thankful. We need to be thankful, that there are people that can support you on your journey to becoming the next big radio presenter. We need to be thankful that we can support young people and improve the care system for the better. We need to be thankful for other organisations around us such as: Reform Radio, With a roar and Catch22. Just be Thankful.
  • Yes; This is one of the key values. Just say yes. Yes, you can be happy. Yes, you can be the next Justin Bieber. Yes, you can be the next Dwayne Johnson. Whoever, or whatever you want to be, we will help you get there. If your dream is to be the next WWE Superstar, be the next actor on Coronation Street or the next post person in your area, we want to say Yes! Be who you want to be, say YES!

What is it really like being in care?